KUMUS The concert hall














The Danish Chamber Players reside at KUMUS, which is a musical and cultural centre adjacent to Fuglsang Manor on the island of Lolland in the south-eastern Denmark.

The building was completely restored in 2016 to meet modern standards.
It now serves as a shared home for the ensemble and the neighbouring art museum: Fuglsang Art Museum.


KUMUS offers a beautiful concert hall (seating appr. 120) with acoustics designed specifically for chamber music.
Danish Chamber Players are so fortunate as to have this hall at their disposal for everyday rehearsal.

With its quiet location in the countryside it is also very well suited for recording sessions. 


Fuglsang Manor, where the Danish Chamber Players resided from 1997-2016, is a historic building with a long and honoured tradition of music and culture.

The list of composers who were regular guests include: Carl Nielsen, Edvard Grieg, Emil Hartmann and Julius Röntgen.


The ensemble's annual festival takes place partly in KUMUS and partly in Fuglsang.