Profile of Danish Chamber Players

Musikerne fra Ensemble Storstrøm set i profil på Fuglsang Kunstmuseum


Danish Chamber Players was founded in 1991 at the initiative of the Danish Arts Council in order to provide a stronger presence of professional classical music in an area of Denmark otherwise somewhat sparsely covered.

Under the leadership of Svend Aaquist, the ensemble quickly established itself as one of the prominent chamber music ensembles in the country and received the prestigious "Danish Music Critics Award" as early as 1996.


Along with the substantial financial support that the ensemble enjoys from The Danish Arts Council as well as local and regional authorities, it has an obligation to carry out a number of assignments that include:


  • Performing chamber music concerts locally, nationally and internationally
  • Teaching young musicians and arrange workshops for talented youngsters
  • Playing school concerts and develop educational courses
  • Hosting an annual festival called "Summer Music at Fuglsang"
  • Playing symphonic music together with students and amateurs
  • Making recordings
  • Cooperating with other arts institutions


The ensemble has toured Sweden, Germany, France, Slovakia, Faroe Islands, Argentina and Australia.


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